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At Ledgestone Home Design, we’re dedicated to providing you with the home of your dreams. We deliver that one-of-a-kind home design that you’ve always wanted; from exterior finishes to outlets in the right locations to effective space planning that fits your family’s ever-changing needs. We are also very budget minded and will assist in cost saving ideas during construction as well as maximizing resale options down the road.

With over 15 years of experience, we have the expertise to design all types of projects, large and small, simple to complex. The use of 3D design software creates the perfect plan by giving you a preview of what will be done before any construction begins. With this system, we save you time and money along with giving you the peace of mind of knowing what your home will look like.

Detail is what we are known for. The owner of Ledgestone is a well known local artist that has the natural talent to design any project. With the advantage of his construction background and artistic ability he can give you details, space planning design and a visionary layout for your home that others cannot. He personally designs each home and reviews all plans before they are sent to the city for review. His goal is to make sure everything is included on the plans to provide minimal city corrections, which save you valuable time in the building process.

We work closely with city planners, architects, engineers and general contractors to help make the process simple and easy to understand. We also provide assistance with finishing touches such as architectural elements, design styles, latest trends, flooring, cabinet design, colors and much more… With 3D, anything is possible.

All construction plans are clear and easy to read and always ready for the next phase.

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We work closely with home owners, architects, engineers, general contractors and more to help make the process simple and easy to understand.


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