New Home Design

Note: Square footage is based on above grade finished floor space. Basements (unfinished) are not included in square footage calculation (unless walk-out basment or suspended concrete slab rooms are used, to be billed at $.50/ sq ft). Finished basements are billed at $.50/ sq ft. Changes to original plan to be billed at our hourly rate of $50/ hour. Standard plan designs refer to typical construction methods up to square ftg noted, based on complexity; plans that require extensive detailing, such as log or timber framing, will be billed at the Signature level.

Remodel Home Design:

  • Remodels performed in two stages: Concept Design & Construction Documents
    (time estimates to be provided for both prior to beginning work)
  • $350 site measure (can be used as the down payment)
  • $50 per hour
    Note: site measure fee waived if done by homeowner/ contractor
  • Down-payment required prior to start of work (350 minimum for small jobs)

Additional Services:

  • Engineering
  • Architectural review
  • RES Checks
  • 3D Renderings
  • Contractor Referrals
  • Project monitoring
  • City or county review

Note: Down payment required prior to start, 1/3 overall cost (approximate). Final payment due at time of delivery of pre-submit plans. If city revisions, architectural review or additional changes are needed, a change order will be issued at the standard hourly rate of $60; estimate of time to be given.

Home owner/ general contractor to provide all site plan and lot specific information, as needed; including code requirements, set-backs, HOA checklists, architectural/ historical reviews, soil testing, etc…

Ledgestone Home Design retains all design rights to the plans as designed and can be used at its discretion (stock plans, advertising, etc). Each plan is designed to be lot specific and may not be copied or re-used without purchasing rights each time it’s to be built. Franchise ownership of the particular plan is available for purchase; this will relinquish Ledgestone of ownership of the design and will allow the user to build it as often as they wish. Electronic file available, with restrictions on use.

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